I love the Barenaked Ladies Holiday Album

How lucky are we that we have lights so we can see
Although the day is done
What a miracle that a spark lifts these candles out of the dark
Every evening, one by one
Until the end of Chanukkah, of Chanukkah.

I’ve always considered myself a night owl. It was full of warm beds and good tv and comfortable pajamas. What’s not to like?

It wasn’t until I moved to NY that I learned just how bleak and draining the dark could be. It was where I learned to finally appreciate spring and light, the importance of Yotzer ha-Meā€™orot to my favored Maariv Aravim.

And now, I’m reflecting on this last year of my life. I had just moved home last year at this time. It was so hard to see the light in my life. I feel so blessed this year, not to have the light, which I always had, but to make the choice to see it. Lighting the candles during this holiday really helps me to count the blessings I have in my life.

A job in these bleak moments.
A boyfriend I am crazy about.
Debt paid off.
Better relationship with my family.
Amazing friends I miss after periods of absence.
A reconnection with my love of reading for pleasure.
Clearer distinction between my wants and my needs.
A stronger faith.

I’m a pretty damn lucky person. And may the light of this season glow in your life in the coming months. Chag sameach.