Limmud Bay Area

I was so excited to hear that the Bay Area had finally gotten its Jewish act together and that this winter we would welcome Limmud to our stomping grounds. 

I found out last week that registration is $190, including the sessions, a hotel room, and 4 kosher meals, at a state beach/park in Monterey. Sounds loverly.

Except I thought I had read somewhere that it was being held in San Francisco? And that would mean days at Limmud and nights in the comfort of our own homes in the Bay Area without the added expense of a hotel room and kosher catering (for what I assume to be most of the participants anyway, though I suppose out of the area folks might be interested in coming).  Not having been to Limmud’s in the past, I guess I didn’t realize this was more of a retreat than a conference.

Now I have some weighing of options to calculate: long weekend in Jewish environment with some really rad Yids and the potential to make great connections and friendships, or weekend retreat by my little lonesome self.


4 thoughts on “Limmud Bay Area

  1. I thought they were more like a conference. We don’t have them here but I have considered going up to Chicago which of course means I would need a room. But I figured if you are local you just go home at night?

    • Yeah, that was my impression too, until I started looking into registration. I’m not involved in the all-volunteer planning process, so I guess I can’t complain. Maybe there was lot of interest expressed in hosting it in Monterey, and I’m the odd one out for preferring it in San Francisco (or Oakland or San Jose). But for those in the 9 Bay Area counties… Monterey is a lot more inconvenient. A shame. And if they would offer a different price, a one-day ticket or a ticket for those who only want the sessions, maybe I’d still consider it. I don’t know. I’m being wishy-washy.

  2. Yeah, I was thrilled when I learned of Limmud Bay Area….then I learned about the retreat aspect of it (and the hefty price tag). I wrote the organizers (twice), asking if I could volunteer to work during the two days in exchange for a discounted price, but never received a reply. As a result, I guess I won’t go. I’d expected it to take place near the city, as you did, Mikvahbound, and am deeply disappointed that I won’t get to participate.

    I hope Israel is treating you well.

  3. Just saw your exchange, and wanted to chime in. I am the Chair of Limmud Bay Area, and your questions are providing a valuable insight to the work of my volunteer team.
    First – the location. We elected Monterey specifically because an overnight stay is required. Bay Area is rich with a variety of one-day learning opportunities, but an overnight retreat which brings together the diversity of ages and denominations, and builds a community in this unique way, is missing. So we’ve planned a conference where late night and early morning programs are just as important as the sessions, hallway conversations and walks on the beach.
    Now – the price. Although the value for $190 is high – program, room and food – we designed a pay-what-you-can model, and everyone can pick the fee they are able to afford – no applications or approvals needed. And everyone is welcome to volunteer, no matter the fee.
    Although this year’s conference is sold out, you might want to add your name to the waiting list by going to, so you can help plan and participate in the next conference.

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