Modah ani…

I love that Jews start each day with this phrase (or modeh ani if you are a dude), grateful to experience life, all of its blessings and all of its hardships, for just one more day.

Lots of family issues have surfaced this week and it’s been hard to find and truly acknowledge the goods in my life as I struggle in my role as daughter and sister.

But, on this one specific day my compatriots set aside with this specific purpose, I will try to articulate all the people who make this process easier, richer, and oh so worthwhile.

To my G-d, for bringing me home,

To my family, for building my home, and to my friends, for filling it,

To my boyfriend, for building our own.

To meaningful work, to gifts of expression,

To wonder at the world and Creation all around,

But mostly, to life, to all of its potentials and possibilities, to all of its surprises and heartaches, to its opportunities and letdowns.

This is the chorus my heart sings today.

And I wish you all, my readers, a great day, reminiscent of all that you have in your own lives.


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