Is it strange that West Coast me still managed to send 3/4 of my Rosh HaShannah cards to New York? Hmm…

To all y’all, Happy, Happy New Year!  I wish you a sweet and prosperous year.  May this year build upon last year’s highs and fail to repeat last year’s lows.  5771 was pretty darn good to me–I became a Jew! I still managed to have a job in this economy! I met The Boy!–, and it’s hard to imagine that HaShem might have something even better than all that for me in store for 5772.

I’ll see you in 5772–probably collapsed on the couch with a pillow in my hand come Sunday–and will do my best to post my 10Q responses here during Yamim Nora’im.  I recommend you sign up to participate if you’ve never done so–really a great tool for introspection.


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