Any prayers you can muster for my application to rest delicately and favorably on the ears of the Taglit-Birthright gods would be much appreciated. Part 1 of my application was sent off yesterday.

For those that would like to go in the future, I recommend you open up and start an application during this application cycle. Stop at the section in Part 1 where you have to provide the deposit. Then, every application period in the future, that trip organizer you “opened” the app with will email you a month (and weeks… and days) in advance, letting you know that you can apply a day before it opens up to everyone, because you are a “returning applicant.” They give preference to those who are returning (just like they give slight preference for those who are approaching the maximum age limit.)  And you can change the trip organizer in the future if you decide the one you opened the initial app with is not for you.

Now I wait for part 2 of the application. And think of a way to introduce my parents to this trip and convince them I won’t die while visiting Israel. Because they only read the news.


5 thoughts on “Birthright

  1. Good luck! I’ve applied several times and haven’t gotten a spot 😦 and I am trying to decide if I am going to apply again this round or wait till the next one since I still have a couple rounds of eligibility. Which provider are you going with if you don’t mind my asking? I spent some quality time on the site looking for a religious option (though I know Birthright is more for ppl who aren’t affiliated) and couldn’t find one.

    • I, too, wanted a religious option, so I went with OU Free Spirit. I’m surprised I “went Orthodox” but it was the only trip provider I could find that even mentioned Shabbat in a religious sense instead of a day “designator/name”, if that makes sense. I’ve heard it attracts mellower crowds, so I’m hoping that’s the case.

  2. Hope you get in! My only regret about not hitting the mikvah sooner was that I’m now too old to go on Birthright. Blegh. Though really, I have kind of mixed feelings about the program itself and might end up having a better time if I either went on my own or on a trip sponsored by my synagogue or something.

    • Oh I am very conflicted about the program. But I don’t know when I would next get to go to Israel. And so I decided as an adult that makes compromises all the darn time with just about everything, I could compromise here. I’m going to go with an open mind. I’m going to go with the hopes of connecting with some Jewish peers that I don’t share memories of Hebrew school or summer camp with. I”m a different kind of Jew. I hope I get to share Birthright with them.

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