Tzedakah Box and Other Goodies

To those in the Bay Area, go to Afikomen.  Even if it means crossing a bridge.  It has a far larger selection than Dayenu and the owners were incredibly helpful and friendly.  You may need supervision though, if you’re like me and like to build your Judaica collection and library.

I finally purchased my tzedakah box.  I’m wondering how people choose their recipient organizations, causes, and individuals; there are so many areas of need that it’s almost overwhelming.  If you know of an organization in Northern California or Israel that you support or volunteer for, I’d love to hear about it.  I’d particularly be interested in ones that work to diminish the Orthodox monopoly on religious authority in Israel, or that support liberal converts at any stage of the process.


One thought on “Tzedakah Box and Other Goodies

  1. I support and am impressed by the Masorti Foundation, but I’d wager you already know about them. They address both of your particular interests, however, and their CEO — it does strike me as odd that they have a CEO! — visith CBS earlier this year.

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