They Are Not Puppies In The Window

Needless to say, I disapprove of any soldier taking pictures of captured individuals and posting them on social networking sites for all the world to see. Soldiers are humans, they have family back home, and they want some way to document the portion of years they served their country and risk their life. I get that. What I don’t get is an IDF soldier taking personal pictures while on duty, let alone of Palestinians in handcuffs.

I’ve seen the Facebook and MySpace profiles of cousins who served in the forces. I’ve seen pictures of their antics, and I’ve been thoroughly disgusted, knowing that their actions are the reason the Ugly American stereotype exists. But at least they were doing it on their own time.

But, I’m already sick of hearing this situation compared to Abu Gharib. Men in these pictures were not crawling around on all fours. There were not only in their undergarments, with a leash around their necks. They were not required to form dogpiles while in the (nearly) nude, violating their religiously-based sense of modesty, let alone human dignity.

I expect the IDF to investigate this occurrence, but more importantly, I think it’s time for the military institutions in this world to question the culture maintained within its ranks. Are these crude humans drawn to the institution, or are they created there? Either way, the situation calls for some serious change. Perhaps the IDF can start by clarifying for this (deliberately obtuse?) former soldier why her actions are so disgusting.


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