Intellectual integrity, Jews for Jesus: get you some

I jinxed myself.  Just the other day I was thinking “Wow, the commute in DC was so much more frustrating–no fixed schedule, TONS of tourists, and Jews for Jesus.”  Well wouldn’t you know, they appeared yesterday at my BART station.

I don’t understand what they hope to accomplish.  There is not a soul in this country who is not aware of Christianity (oh how I wish followers of other faiths could say the same in reverse), of Jesus, of Jesus’ followers. There’s a church on just about every corner–and sometimes more than one.  If people were interested in learning more about Jesus, they know exactly where to go.

Believing in Jesus as Christ is a choice, it’s a faith, it’s a belief.  It is a Christian belief, however.  Let’s be real: you can’t believe in Jesus Christ and be a Jew at the same time.  Religion in the United States–based on yes, the Christian model–is not a four-part identity of religion/tribe/nation/culture.  Our market economy of religion does not care where your currency comes from, so long as you make your purchase where you feel most at home.  You can be Jewish ethnically but be a practicing Buddhist.  You can be a Jew nationally, but believe in Christ.  But have some pride in your faith and stop tarnishing the name of your former religion and your forever-culture/nation/tribe with games of semantics.  Own your choice.


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